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Search our studies by the name of the bible book you wish to study or by the series name. To explain that the 38 year period in the wilderness was a consequence for the unbelief of. It teaches six biblical truths about the healthy attitudes as well as unhealthy attitudes. Blue letter bible study tools make reading, searching and studying the bible easy and rewarding. Moses is the central figure within the book, and in at least two instances. Book of numbers overview insight for living ministries. Theyve been in this same spot for about a year and now theyre getting ready to start out on their journey to this land flowing with milk and honey that god keeps. A study of the books of numbers and deuteronomy with emphasis given to the worship of jehovah associated with the tabernacle.

The purpose is to assist the student in gaining a greater comprehension of the biblical teaching contained in the book of numbers with an emphasis on practical application. The first five books of the bible, called the pentateuch since pentateuch. You will recall that in genesis, the first book of the pentateuch, we have the creation and fall of man and many beginnings. The hebrew name for these books is the torah, which means law. Outline of the book with questions for each section. The book of numbers continues the history of the people of israel after they escaped from egypt, and it tells what happened during the forty years when the israelites lived in the desert on their journey from mount sinai to canaan, this book is named numbers because it begins with moses counting the israelites to find out the number of people in each of israels. The book of numbers, called arithmoi meaning arithmetic in the septuagint, gets its name from the census in chapters 1 and 26. In matthew, why is jesus lineage traced back through joseph. You will receive five copies of eighteen lessons for this study. There are numerous spiritual lessons to be learned from the fourth book of the old testament. God responds with shortterm severity and longterm generosity as he leads them into the promised land. The book of numbers, called arithmoi meaning arithmetic in the septuagint. Its a historical account but also teaches important lessons about god fulfilling his promises.

This book of numbers bible study on book of numbers bible study verses looks at the book of numbers bible study events and asks what are the book of numbers bible study stories about, who is in the book of. In the hebrew bible the book is referred to by a hebrew phrase in the first verse of chapter 1 that means in the wilderness. A single lesson on pride this lesson is a condensed version of the four lessons we offer on the website that you can view here. Numbers bible study by melissa spoelstra session 1. Free bible materials and study guides to help you discover the answers to your questions about scripture. Numbers lesson 1 time line from the first passover in egypt to the end of the events recorded in the book of numbers. But those who study the book may be surprised to discover it teaches many spiritual principles and lessons. Once again its name is derived from the septuagint via the vulgate.

More than just a history lesson, the book of numbers reveals how god. Study scripture verses with commentary, concordances, and use highlighting, underlining, take notes in the bible. Im always looking for new ways to expand my knowledge. Numbers bible study guide this article contains a bible study guide and free resource for lessons on the subject of bible study books of the bible including this article on numbers bible study. There are numerous spiritual lessons to be learned from the fourth book of the old. Study an entire book of the bible alone or in a group. As a result, many did not enter the promised land hebrews 3. Book of numbers bible study book of numbers bible study. Every number has both symbolic and prophetic meaning. Introduction to the book of numbers agape bible study. Free youth bible lessons with printable bible puzzles. What did the serpent on the pole point the israelites thoughts. The fourth book of moses called numbers 36 1,288 5.

Numbers is so named because a census of israel is taken twice in the book. A single lesson on jude this lesson offers a study of the false prophets from the book of jude. These free printable bible study lessons are perfect for. He also reminded god that god is longsuffering, of great mercy, forgiving sins, but by no means clearing the guilty. I would like to get my husband a bible translation or a book about the bible that he can read on the plane, etc. This conclusion is based on 1 statements concerning moses writing activity e. As a history of the nation not yet established in the land promised them long ago, this book unveils significant events sometimes referenced later in scripture. Moses is the central figure within the book, and in at least two instances numbers mentions him recording events by the lords commands numbers 33. They contain gods instructions about how his people should live. Numbers might be a bleak account of the israelites stubbornness if it were not outweighed by gods faithfulness and protection. Numbers in the picture study bible the book of numbers. God wasnt happy with this, he threatened to disinherit them and make a greater and mightier nation out of moses. It is that reminder that if we do believe in the god of the bible, that means we are fully dedicated to serving him. The above outline is from nelsons complete book of bible maps and charts, pp.

For more details, see my bible study lessons or click on the. Display the picture moses and the brass serpent gospel art book 2009, no. While many christians may have given up on reading through the ot by the time they get to leviticus and numbers, perseverance is vital. In chapter 9, the children of israel were in the second years of coming out of egypt in the first month. But numbers and the rest of the pentateuch were cast in the form of a unified, fivevolume book sometime between the days of joshua and the elders of israel josh. While my lessons are free, the cost to serve god is about giving him all we have.

The workbooks provide materials and resources to help students. The book of numbers is the story of these two generations. The lessons which the children of israel had to learn are the lessons that you and i will. Bible class book on numbers david padfield numbers, moses, old testament, bible class, workbook, study guide, israel, youth group, sunday school. To learn more about these books you can listen to bible stories online before you download your free youth bible study lessons. Bible worksheet inductive bible studyinductive bible study. Beware, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief in departing from the living god lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin verses 12. If you are like me, i have a lot to learn about math and gods order, so lets dive right into our new study on the book of numbers.

It is one of the great ironies of scripture that the generation that saw gods works most. This is the fourth book in the pentateuch, the first five books of the bible. The first 5 books in the bible are called the 5 books of moses. Although the book of numbers comes after exodus and deuteronomy, the book of numbers tells many of the same stories as exodus and deuteronomy, and speaks on the same time period. These free online bible study courses, lessons, commentaries, workbooks, and powerpoints will guide your understanding of god, jesus, the church, salvation, worship, and true religion. The book of numbers contains a lot more than a census of the israelites. This is the exact same place where the israelites have been hanging out since god freed them from slavery back in exodus. The book of hebrews sums up the lessons by stating that we should not harden our hearts as the ancient israelites did.

Note that this article is mainly about the numbers. Big lessons from numbers the book of numbers is not really about numbers. I will not go into detail about each symbol such as the barley overcomers or the law of the double witness. The book of leviticus by gordon wenham the new international commentary on the old testament you will receive five copies of eleven lessons for this study. The name numbers is a translation of arithmoi, from the septuagint, titled thus because the book contains many statistics, population counts. Its a book of history that records many of gods miraculous deeds as the israelites wandered in the wilderness. This article describes the significance of the numbers 1019 in the bible. Each number is discussed in a note format to make it easier to read. This page which covers numbers bible study is suitable. To fillin the historical period from the exodus and sinai revelation to the preparations in moab to enter the promised land. This book is actually a gold mine of spiritual truths.

Agape bible study the pentateuch part 4 the book of numbers in the book of numbers, the israelites experienced the failure of the aborted conquest of canaan and the years of trial when god instructed and disciplined his children in the wilderness wandering. The book of numbers is the fourth of five parts which comprise what scripture calls the book of moses. When the cloud stopped, the people stopped and set up camp again. This provides a simple, but important, lesson for our relationship with god. Each bible lesson, course, and workbook is a free study of the gospel of christ and living as a christian. The nwt study bible is complete with cross references, maps, and an accurate bible dictionary. This study presents introductory information about the book of numbers followed by ten lessons devoted to an indepth study of the biblical text. Lessons from the book of numbers culturewatch bill muehlenberg. The book of numbers is the fourth of five parts which comprise what scripture. The book has a long and complex history, but its final form is probably due to a priestly redaction i. Learning contentment in a culture of more spoelstra, melissa on.

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